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New Sidewalks Extend Pedestrian Network 
Knoxville’s pedestrian network continues to grow with several projects recently completed, totaling at 3,700 linear feet of new sidewalk.

The three projects, which combined represent more than $1M in sidewalk improvements, include:

CEDAR LANE | Pratt Road to Haynes-Sterchi Road
2,000 linear feet

Cedar Lane Sidewalk

This project extends the existing sidewalk on Cedar Lane to Windsor Court Apartments. The City partnered with Norfolk Southern Railroads to construct the portion of sidewalk at the railroad crossing, which included safety regulation pedestrian signage for the railroad crossing.

Cedar Lane Sidewalk/Railroad Crossing

The new sidewalk has already received steady foot traffic, as it links the apartments and surrounding residences to businesses, a grocery store, and restaurants along Cedar Lane.

Read this previous City Blog about how the new sidewalk segment complements several projects along Cedar Lane.

SUMMIT HILL DRIVE | Cradle of Country Music Park to Central Street
150 linear feet

Summit Hill Drive Sidewalk

The project replaced a long-used foot trail created by downtown walkers cutting through from the Cradle of Country Music Park to Central Street. It may be a short segment, but was clearly one that travelers on the route opted for!

PLEASANT RIDGE ROAD | Wilson Road to I-640 overpass
1,550 linear feet

Pleasant Ridge Road Sidewalk at Wilson Road

Gradually making its way toward Western Avenue project by project, the new portion of sidewalk extends a pedestrian network along Pleasant Ridge Road that links to West Haven Elementary, Victor Ashe Park, Northwest Middle School, and Merchant Drive. In addition to new sidewalk, this project also included significant drainage improvements.

Additionally, construction will soon begin on two new sidewalk projects:
•    Castle Street (MLK Avenue to Wilson Avenue at Claude Walker Park)
•    Gleason Drive (Downtown West Boulevard to Bearden High School)

For more information on the status of upcoming City sidewalk projects, visit the City’s Public Improvement Projects page.

Posted by On 08 November, 2018 at 4:47 PM