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Keeping Up with South Waterfront Development - Part 1 
One River Walk
View of One River Walk from Chapman Highway, looking eastward on Sevier Avenue

The South Waterfront area along the Tennessee River has been undergoing tremendous physical changes during the last year, with a combination of public infrastructure improvements and private investment.

Along the western end of the redevelopment area, projects are quickly taking shape at the Gay Street Bridge and Henley Bridge. These projects include new major residential communities and a national headquarters office. 

Additional public infrastructure is being planned, including streetscape improvements, a public event space and a new public riverwalk. When completed in summer 2019, this area will be transformed, providing a completely new experience for residents and visitors along the Tennessee River, just across the bridges from what has traditionally been considered downtown.

South Waterfront Development Map

1 - CITYVIEW AT RIVER WALK | 445 W. Blount Ave.

Cityview at River Walk

Pedestrian walkway at CityView

CityView at River Walk condominiums are located across the Tennessee River from University of Tennessee landmarks Neyland Stadium and Thompson-Boling Arena. The private residential development includes 350 feet of a publicly accessible trail along the river. Eventually, areas of the walk along the river will be linked, providing pedestrian access to bridges and sidewalks.

2 - 303 FLATS | 303 W. Blount Ave.

303 Flats

View of the recently completed 303 Flats

303 Flats is a six-story complex offering 138 housing units tailored for university students. The building has structured parking and open space adjacent to the planned public riverwalk. Located on the west side of the Henley Street Bridge, students began moving into the residences in September 2018. To reach campus, students cross the river using the Henley Bridge. When the public riverwalk is completed, residents will have additional pedestrian access to the Gay Street Bridge and Sevier Avenue.

3 - ONE RIVER WALK | 221 E. Blount Ave.

One River Walk
Plaza area under construction at One River Walk

One River Walk is a privately developed 303-unit apartment complex. Adjacent areas will eventually include public infrastructure improvements - a public event space, a public civic plaza, a pocket park and 1,100 linear feet of riverwalk between the Henley and Gay Street bridges. Completion of these new public amenities is planned for summer 2019.

4 - REGAL | 101 E. Blount Ave.

Regal Entertainment
View of the redeveloped building housing Regal headquarters

In November 2017, Regal relocated its corporate headquarters to the South Waterfront. The nine-story 178,000-square-foot building is renovated space, a former medical office building that was part of Baptist Hospital. Additional structures were demolished to provide room for new private development. The building is the first office space occupied in this area of the South Waterfront, currently serving nearly 300 employees.


Keep an eye out for the next article to learn about the new development on the South Waterfront’s eastern end! For more information, visit www.knoxvilletn.gov/southwaterfront.

Posted by On 27 November, 2018 at 3:33 PM