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City Crews Beautify Knoxville Dogwood Trails 
Dogwood prep

Nothing says Spring in Knoxville like Dogwood Arts Trails and Gardens.

In 12 neighborhoods across the City, 85 streets framed in Dogwood Trees are primed with pink arrows to guide visitors through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in America. 

Knoxville’s Dogwood Trails open April 4, with Farragut being this year’s featured trail.

The City’s been celebrating its Dogwood Trails a long time – since 1955. 

It’s one more way to greet spring in Knoxville. The City takes a pause and enjoys the watercolor beauty of Dogwood Trails and special gardens. 

Every year City Public Works teams know just how to make our neighborhoods shine. In early March, paint crews make sure every street on the Dogwood Trails is painted in pink arrows – an easy guide for traveling through favorite trails.

For weeks, City trim crews have been clearing litter and trimming low-hanging tree limbs in our neighborhoods. 

Street sweepers are also out in full, ensuring roads are in the best condition, followed by yet another crew to scout for needed pothole repairs, brush pickup and another sweeper for that final touch.

When the Dogwood Arts Festival opens April 26-28, the crews are out again every day, scouting and repeating their street cleanups. 

City staff work on Dogwood Festival preparation typically totals about 1,600 hours for traffic engineering, Dogwood events and trails. 

The goal? To always make sure this is one of the most beautiful times of the year for our neighbors and for tourists who will visit Knoxville just to drive, walk or bike one of these lovely streets.

Remember to follow the pink lines in these Knoxville neighborhoods when you hit the roads for this springtime experience.

Visit dogwoodarts.com for maps, trails, gardens and more.
Posted by On 04 April, 2019 at 9:51 AM