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Major Renovations Progressing at Civic Auditorium and Coliseum 
Auditorium and Coliseum

We're excited to share some of the latest progress of the Phase 2 renovations to Knoxville’s Civic Auditorium and Coliseum, where construction crews have just completed extensive demolition of the original 1961 ice floor and restrooms.

In May, crews demolished the ice floor (pictured here) and restrooms to make way for a complete replacement of the floor and new, modern restroom facilities. 

The new ice floor will include subfloor heating and insulation, vapor proofing and a chiller loop –- the massive refrigeration piping system that cools the floor.

We’re getting excited about KCAC’s transformational $10 million project that is expected to be completed on schedule by late October 2019. KCAC first opened in 1961 and includes the 6,500-capacity Coliseum and the 2,500-capacity Auditorium.

Keep watching for more cool updates like the new modern center-hung video board, which will be installed in the Coliseum in late September for Ice Bears games and many other City events!

Here’s a glance here at some of the project renovations.

Phase 2 renovations at the Coliseum include:
• Replacement of a second HVAC unit;
• Improvement of the roof drain system; 
• Power upgrades to meet the needs of larger performances;
• Replacement of the original 1961 ice floor; 
• Installation of new dashers with wide-view acrylic glass;
• Upgrades to restrooms, adding up to 75 new fixtures; and
• Installation of a center-hung, four-sided video panel system and scoreboard. 

Meanwhile, Phase 2 renovations at the Auditorium will include:
• Replacement of the stage smoke vents for theatrical events;
• Installation of a motorized orchestra pit lift;
• Power upgrades to meet market needs for larger shows;
• An enhanced stage fly system, which maneuvers sets, lighting and backdrops;
• Installation of catwalk safety upgrades;
• Re-covering of the original hardwood stage floor with a professional stage flooring system; and
• Installation of security camera upgrades for the building and garages.

Check out a full description of the project here.

Posted by On 14 June, 2019 at 6:29 PM