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11th Business Breakfast brings 400 to Learn, Network 
Business Breakfast attendees

The City’s 11th annual Business Breakfast drew more than 400 attendees on Wednesday, June 20, for a crash course in being ready to bid on the approximately $50 million in contracts the City offers annually.

After being welcomed by Mayor Madeline Rogero and Purchasing Department staff members, attendees were guided to break-out sessions with purchasing staff from a variety of agencies:

Fleet Services
Knoxville Area Transit
Engineering and Redevelopment
Police and Fire
Parks and Recreation
Public Service
Community Development
Knoxville's Community Development Department (KCDC)
Public Building Authority
Knoxville Utility Board

Local businesses interested in doing business with the above departments and agencies can register to be a vendor at KnoxvilleTN.gov/bids and learn more about our Purchasing Department, including opportunities to be listed on our Diversity Business Guide, at KnoxvilleTN.gov/Purchasing

Purchasing process

Penny Owens (above) explains the procurement thresholds and how the competition for bids process works. 

Engineering purchasing

Director of Engineering Jim Hagerman explains what the City's Engineering and Redevelopment departments anticipate purchasing in the next 12 to 18 months. 

During and in between sessions, attendees participated in animated discussions. 

Robledo Christopoulos

City of Knoxville Business Liaison Patricia Robledo speaks with Christos Christopoulos of Christopoulos and Kennedy General Contractors. 


KUB Purchasing Agent Jermen Bishop discusses the utilities' purchasing needs. 
Posted by ptravis On 21 June, 2019 at 2:55 PM