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At PolitiCode, Knox Students Do the Teaching 
Schools are closed for in-service training on Tuesday, Nov. 5, due to their use as polling places for the City General Election.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot of learning happening at Farragut High School – and the students will be the teachers.

The first-ever PolitiCode will debut, with Knox County Schools students teaching computer programming to local elected officials.

The first-ever PolitiCode event features Knox County Schools students teaching elected officials how to write computer code.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, school board members, Knox County commissioners, Knoxville City Council members and state legislators are among those getting tips from youngsters on writing computer code.

PolitiCode is a collaboration of the Knoxville Technology Council (KTech), Knox County Schools and Great Schools Partnership.

City Councilwoman Stephanie Welch is one of the elected officials who will be a PolitiCode participant.

“I’m looking forward to the humbling experience of having a student show me how much I don’t know about computer coding!” she said. “Thank goodness Knox County’s youth are gaining skills needed to thrive amidst an economy that’s changing rapidly as new technology is introduced.”

Brandon Bruce, KTech’s vice president, sees PolitiCode as a great opportunity for talented students to showcase their know-how.

“We're really excited about the inaugural PolitiCode event,” Bruce said. “Students will get to show off what they're learning in school – from coding with robots to building websites and apps. And elected officials will get unique insight into what students are learning everyday in technology in Knox County.”

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2BHPlDl. Elected officials who haven’t registered are encouraged to do so this week.
Posted by evreeland On 29 October, 2019 at 11:43 AM