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Public Service Crews Take Pride in Beautification #KnoxvilleJobDone 
When they think about National Public Works Week, a lot of people envision engineers building sidewalks and stormwater devices, or crews picking up curbside bulk trash and brush.

It's true that the men and women of the City's Public Service Department mow and maintain parks and public right-of-ways, and they annually collect more than 25,000 tons of brush and 5,000 tons of leaves, which get recycled into mulch and diverted from going to landfills.

But did you know Public Service also plays a big role in beautifying Knoxville, helping green-thumb backyard gardeners and creating new amenities for outdoor enthusiasts?

Public Service Department Equipment Operator Buddy Evans delivers donated compost to be used by area gardeners.

Equipment Operator Buddy Evans, pictured making a compost delivery

In April, Public Service joined in a pilot program and delivered donated compost to four community partners, who then made it available at no charge to the public. Gardeners trying to eliminate non-essential travel due to pandemic precautions were happy to avoid the crowds at nurseries and big-box stores.  

Mark Karnes, Maintenance Coordinator, Service Area Central

Mark Karnes, Maintenance Coordinator, Service Area Central, cleans leaves out of the water feature in Krutch Park

Did you know that there is a Public Service crew dedicated to cleaning and maintaining downtown's Market Square area? The small group keeps the popular gathering spot immaculately tidy - and they take great satisfaction in helping to make downtown look its best.

Matt Roth, Public Service Construction Worker

Matt Roth, Public Service Construction Worker

Public Service's Construction Division also has a small crew that works to keep roadways and greenways maintained in between paving cycles.

In any given year, they will typically use about 900 tons of asphalt to fill potholes or build greenway additions.

Posted by evreeland On 19 May, 2020 at 3:51 PM