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Week 20: Work Expands to 5 St. Mary's Hospital Buildings; Central Wing Coming Down 
Mass demolition of the Central Wing at the Annunciation Wing is underway.

Mass demolition of the Central Wing (right) at the Annunciation Wing (left) is underway. Eventually, the entire North Campus and Central Wing will be cleared, leaving a large tract of vacant land and the iconic 1929 original hospital building available for private redevelopment.

Note: All community updates, site plans, documents and FAQs on the City's $46.5 million investment in a Public Safety Complex can be found at www.knoxvilletn.gov/safetycomplex. Some of the weekly updates will also appear on City Blog.

This month, the work to transform the vacant St. Mary's Hospital North Knoxville campus into a new City Public Safety Complex is expanding, with contractor crews tackling tasks right now in the Central Wing, the Central Wing Annex, the Women's Pavilion, the Marian Wing and the Annunciation Wing.

Pictured above is the Annunciation Wing, where NEO Corp. crews are wrapping up lower-level abatement, and the Central Wing, where Renascent is continuing with a mass demolition.

Environmental Abatement Inc. crews are continuing with selective demolition in the Women's Pavilion and in the above-ceiling areas in the Central Wing Annex. Last week, they worked their way down the demolition punchlist for the LL3 floor in the Central Wing Annex and did above-ceiling work on the fifth and sixth floors.

NEO Corp. this week is wrapping up abatement in the Annunciation Wing's LL1 and LL2 floors.

Del-Air last week completed the final walk-throughs of the original 1929 building to verify that all piping has been cut and capped. 

The City is investing $40 million to overhaul the vacated hospital and transform it into a combined Public Safety Complex that will house Police, Fire, City Court and Pension Systems operations. Another $6.5 million is being spent to clear parts of the northern end of the campus to accommodate future private redevelopment. The iconic and stately marble-accented 1929 building is being carefully preserved to serve as an anchor when the campus' north end is privately redeveloped. 

Currently, Lincoln Memorial University is remodeling the former Magdalene Clark Tower into classrooms.

Renascent crews last week were doing soft demolition in the Marian Wing.

Renascent crews last week were doing soft interior demolition in the Marian Wing.

Posted by evreeland On 10 July, 2020 at 12:24 PM