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Record Voter Turnout: A Big Thanks to the 1,000 Poll Workers Who Kept the Election Running Smoothly! 
Did you know that 1,000 poll workers are involved in successfully managing a Knox County election?

Did you know that close to 1,000 people are needed to manage a Knox County election?

It took that many poll workers to smoothly accommodate the record turnout for Tuesday's presidential election - 221,492 voters. The heavy turnout obliterated the old record, set in 2008, by 32,582 additional voters.

"We were successful because of our poll workers," said Chris Davis, Knox County's Elections Administrator. "All they have to learn and deal with - they do an amazing job. They're fantastic."

Precincts vary in size and density of families, and precincts inside the city limits generally have fewer residents than those outside the city. But if you're wondering, bottom line, which precincts voted in the biggest numbers, here are the Top 10, in terms of ballots cast:

Farragut Middle School - 7,446
Halls High School - 7,346
Farragut High School - 7,121
Farragut Town Hall - 5,810
Powell High School - 5,669
Westland Drive, Shoreline Church - 5,647
Gibbs Elementary School - 5,200
Rocky Hill Elementary School - 5,150
Bearden High School - 4,921
Karns Middle School - 4,915

Posted by evreeland On 05 November, 2020 at 1:30 PM