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Popular My Knoxville App 'Reaching People Where They're At' 
The City's free new My Knoxville app was immediately popular when it debuted on 3-1-1 Day on March 11.

Three months later, app downloads, creation of accounts and app-directed service requests are continuing briskly.

Since the March 11 launch, the City's app has been downloaded by more than 2,400 users. More than 400 of those users have created accounts allowing them to request services and report maintenance issues, and more than 200 requests have been submitted and addressed by City staff.

Then there's the phenomenon of "uber users," says Russ Jensen, Director the 311 Center for Service Innovation. (An "uber user" is someone who submits two to four service requests at a time.)

The My Knoxville app is available for both Apple and Android devices and is designed to help users navigate City services more efficiently.

You might assume that The free My Knoxville app has been downloaded more than 2,200 times in its first three months since its debut.requests for service by people using the app are diverting some calls from 311. Nope! The City is simply getting more requests. And that's a good thing, Jensen says.

"We're reaching a different demographic now," he says. "Our 311 call volume is virtually the same. That tells me that we're reaching new people where they're at - people who for whatever reason could not or didn't feel comfortable phoning in a complaint or a request for service, but they are comfortable using the app.

"The My Knoxville app is incredibly easy to access. And it provides instant feedback for people requesting a service. It allows them to check on the status of their request. It's a very convenient, popular option for many people."

Another surprising benefit? 

"A lot of complaints reported through the app are being addressed and closed out faster than before," Jensen says. "The more efficient process trims a couple of days out of the process. That's a big win."

Because the app has direct access to the same digital system that City inspectors and service providers use, reporting a pothole, graffiti or an overgrown lot via the phone app removes a step from the traditional process.

When someone calls into 311 and talks with a customer service representative, the information is logged and relayed. With the app, it all happens instantly.

The most common complaints? Typical for springtime, the leading issues of concern are overgrown lots, building code violations and, due to a rainy last few months, water drainage problems.

That mirrors the types of calls that come into 311. About a third of app-driven and called-in complaints concern tall weeds and buildings in disrepair. 

The My Knoxville app also is a handy dandy guide to what's going on throughout the city. It was developed to be a tool for both residents and visitors. There are nine direct buttons for commonly searched topics - everything from maps and parking information to fun things to do to today's weather in Knoxville.

The "request" feature at the bottom of the phone screen allows users to report a maintenance issue simply by taking a photo at the location. Requests are forwarded immediately to the appropriate City department.

Learn how to submit a service request in the video below:

Download the My Knoxville app HERE (Apple store) and HERE (Google Play store).
Posted by evreeland On 30 May, 2021 at 4:40 PM