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Check Out Downtown Infrastructure Upgrades in Progress! 
New canopy walkway set in place last week on Clinch Avenue Viaduct.

A new crosswalk canopy is being constructed that connects the Convention Center with the Tennessean and Holiday Inn.

The Clinch Avenue Viaduct spanning World’s Fair Park re-opened Friday afternoon, as workers completed the setting of a new crosswalk canopy between the Convention Center and the Tennessean/Holiday Inn ahead of schedule.

Go by and check out the new crosswalk canopy being constructed!

This week, anticipate temporary lane closures on the bridge as work is finished on the canopy and Streetscape upgrades on the bridge continue – part of a $2.7 million infrastructure upgrade that will improve the experience of pedestrians approaching World’s Fair Park and the Knoxville Convention Center from two sides.

The three traffic lanes on the Clinch Avenue bridge will be reduced to two 10-foot-wide lanes, and 5-foot-wide bicycle lanes will be added on both sides. The sidewalks on the viaduct will be widened, and planter boxes with landscaping and benches will be added to make it a better pedestrian and bicycle connector between Fort Sanders, World’s Fair Park and downtown.

The infrastructure upgrades in the area also include a rejuvenation of the Henley Street pedestrian bridge at Clinch Avenue – a frosted glass roof, metal cage fencing with perforated metal panels, and new decorative lighting.

Most of the work around the Convention Center will be finished by the end of August. The lighting on the Henley Street pedestrian bridge and upgrades to the elevator tower are slated to be completed about a month later.

Workers also updating the look and fuctionality of the pedestrian bridge across Henley Street.

Crews also updating the pedestrian bridge across Henley Street with a decorative frosted glass roof and new side panels. Decorative lights to be added this fall.

Posted by evreeland On 27 July, 2015 at 10:23 AM