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New Downtown Public Restrooms on Schedule to Open by Labor Day 
Southern Constructors Inc. crews are making steady progress in building public restrooms inside the Market Square Garage.

If you haven't checked lately, work is progressing on the new $400,000 five-stall downtown public restrooms being constructed in the northwest corner of the ground floor of Market Square Garage.

Rick Emmett, the City's Downtown Coordinator, is hopeful that the contractor, Southern Constructors Inc., could have the restrooms completed and open by Labor Day.

"I think this will prove to be a popular amenity for downtown and will further enhance our visitor experience," Emmett said. "Certainly, with the many free, family-friendly events downtown, this facility will provide a nice, safe location to fulfill a need without impacting our shops and restaurants.”

The restrooms will include graffiti-resistant paint, topiary screens and LED-lit glass panels that will glow at night. The restrooms will be easily accessible and adjacent to the garage attendant booth.

Emmett said Southern Constructors currently on pace to be done ahead of the September deadline outlined in its competitively-bid contract.

- Communications Intern Morgan Herrig

Posted by evreeland On 15 July, 2016 at 10:20 AM