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New Elm Trees Being Planted in 700 Block of S. Gay Street 
Contractor crews are planting lacebark elms in the 700 block of South Gay Street today.

Check out the new lacebark elm trees being planted this week in the 700 block of South Gay Street.

The tree plantings are one of the finishing touches of a $1.5 million rebuild of the 700 block, performed by Knoxville-based Design and Construction Services Inc.

The project included utility upgrades, new pervious paver sidewalks, streetscape additions and three new intersections. New intersection bulb-outs were built to improve pedestrian safety and better define on-street parking.

Can't wait for spring and all the street festivals, with the new elms displaying their canopy!

The new lacebark elms await planting on the western side of South Gay Street in the 700 block.

Lacebark elms are being planted this week in the 700 block of South Gay - one of the finishing touches of a $1.5 million rebuild of the block's infrastructure.
Posted by evreeland On 31 January, 2017 at 4:24 PM