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Safety City Offers Open Riding This Summer 
In summer, the days are long but time somehow always seems short. The kids are out of school, and many parents want to enhance their family time together.

Starting next week, the Police Department will be giving families a great seasonal option - two days a week of "open riding" in Safety City.

From June 5 through July 27, Safety City will offer open riding for two three-hour periods each Monday and Thursday. New this year: On those two days of the week, there will be morning hours (9 a.m. to noon) and evening hours (4-7 p.m.).

Knoxville families are welcome to bring their kids, bikes, battery-powered cars, strollers, non-motorized scooters and picnic gear to this most unique of Knoxville attractions at 165 S. Concord St. (No skateboards, please.)

There are two playgrounds with picnic areas adjacent to Safety City - one for toddlers, and one designed for children ages 5-9.

Safety City is expanding its hours this summer.
Since its construction by the Knoxville Police Department, Safety City has given kids a fun, engaging environment in which to learn about staying safe in an urban setting.

Programs held during the school year teach young students the basics about pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular and fire safety through hands-on experiences they don’t get anywhere else.

The kid-friendly miniature town features paved streets, full sidewalks, working traffic lights and child-size cars that let kids learn how to move through their city without putting themselves in harm’s way.

Classes will continue during the summer, but in June and July, Safety City offers Monday and Thursday hours when there are no formal classes but families can come and explore.

Year-round, groups are invited to sign up for classes and experience Safety City with the help of KPD’s trained instructors. Every year, between 11,000 and 16,000 children visit Safety City. Call 865-215-7103 for more information.

- Communications intern Jarrod Nelson


Posted by evreeland On 30 May, 2017 at 3:56 PM