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KAT Bus Stop Shelter Installed at River's Edge Apartments 
New KAT bus stop and shelter at River's Edge Apartments on the South Waterfront.

Check out the newly installed bus shelter at the 134-unit River’s Edge apartment complex on the South Waterfront, just west of the Island Home Park community.

River's Edge opened last year - a $14 million private investment, supplemented with a $2.5 million investment in new public infrastructure. That included a realignment of Island Home Avenue, the new Splendid View Circle public street and an 800-foot public riverwalk.

"The end result is a great transformation of what was once a blighted and vacant tank farm into quality residential living," said Dawn Michelle Foster, the City's Redevelopment Director. "The KAT shelter is the newest amenity that's been added. A KAT bus stops every hour at River's Edge, giving residents convenient access to transit services."

River's Edge apartments opened late last year.

A new KAT bus stop shelter was installed last week at River's Edge. 

Posted by evreeland On 06 March, 2017 at 2:19 PM  

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