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Glass Collection Up 63 Percent at Recycling Drop-off Centers 
Q:  Have you seen an increase in tonnage of glass taken to the drop-off recycling centers in January?

A:  Way to go Knoxville!!! We calculated the average weight of glass recycled at the five recycling centers (based on July through December 2016 collections) at 27.79 tons of glass recycled monthly. Residents really stepped up to the challenge and took 45.24 tons of glass to the drop-off centers in January 2017!

Starting Jan. 1, glass no longer is being accepted in the City of Knoxville curbside single-stream recycling program. Instead, residents are being encouraged to bring glass to any of the City’s five drop-off recycling centers.

As part of the City’s single-stream process, the glass was getting broken into small pieces. The intermingled mix of many different kinds of glass produces a very low-quality glass commodity, for which there’s no market. For more details, click HERE.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued commitment to recycling - an all-time record numbers of households participating in curbside recycling, plus a growing number of people making sure their glass products get recycled!

Glass recycling at drop-off centers is up by 63 percent.
Posted by evreeland On 21 February, 2017 at 5:46 PM