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Minimum 3 in Tennessee: Two Weeks In 
It's been two weeks since the City of Knoxville, Knoxville Police Department, and Bike Walk Knoxville launched the "Minimum Three in Tennessee" campaign to promote awareness of the Three Foot Law, which requires drivers to maintain a minimum three-foot distance when passing bicyclists.

A team of civilian cyclists from Bike Walk Knoxville are assisting with the national study that is funding devices used to measure the distance between cyclists and passing vehicles.

So far, the cyclists have captured an average violation passing distance of 20 inches (when the law requires a minimum of 36 inches).

October 3, 2018: This video shows one of the four unsafe passes that cyclist and Bike Law representative, Amy Johnson, experienced on October 3, 2018, on Magnolia Avenue. This video depicts the closest pass that occurred that day at an alarming 15 inches. 

Because of rain, KPD officers will be extending the warning period before they begin issuing citations using the ultrasonic devices.

To view more information from the press conference announcement, click HERE
Posted by On 10 October, 2018 at 4:33 PM