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PowerPoint / Presentation Tips

1. Keep your Slides simple.
2. Limit words on your Slides. Limit bullet points and text.
3. Use high-quality photos and graphics. Make sure graphics are relevant for the slide.
4. Use accurate and relevant charts and graphs. 
5. Use high-quality, fresh templates.
6. Choose appropriate fonts. Don’t mix a lot of fonts and sizes.
7. Choose color well.  
8. Limit transitions and builds. It will obscure your message.


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Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Sample Presentations

KUB Presentation 1  [PowerPoint PPTX File]  |  [PDF]

KUB Presentation 2  [PowerPoint PPTX File]  |  [PDF]

KUB Presentation 3  [PowerPoint PPTX File]  |  [PDF]