Required Stamps for As-Built Drawings

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An approved development certification is one of the items required prior to the release of any bond (also called Performance and Indemnity Agreement) that has been required by the Stormwater Engineering Division. An integral part of the development certification is an as-built drawing submitted by the design engineer. The as-built must have the signed license stamps of both the engineer and the surveyor. In addition, the following certification stamps need to be on the drawing with the appropriate information shown. 


I, _________________________________, (PE #) hereby certify 
that I am an Engineer licensed in the state of Tennessee. I have 
reviewed the information based on the survey dated_________, 
provided to me by________________, a state of Tennessee land 
surveyor registration number______________.
Based on the aforementioned survey and to the best of my knowledge, 
information and belief, the development was constructed such that the 
infrastructure improvements shown hereon function as intended on 
the approved design titled ___________________________________
permitted on the _____day of___________20____.
Signature: ___________________________________
Printed Name: _______________________________
Date: ________________


I hereby certify that I have surveyed the land boundaries and 
easements shown hereon in accordance with the accuracy 
requirements for a Category I survey and that the ratio of 
precision of the unadjusted survey is not less that 1:10,000.
I further certify that I have located all natural and manmade 
features shown hereon in accordance with the current 
Standards of Practice adopted by the Tennessee State Board 
of Examiners for Land Surveyors. I certify the location, 
elevation, and description of these features.
Signature: ___________________________________
Printed Name: _______________________________
Date: ________________


Site Inspection Checklist [PDF]
Development Certification Checklist [PDF] 
Land Development Manual
City of Knoxville Stormwater and Street Ordinance [PDF]