Technical Services Counter

Engineering Director

James R. Hagerman, P.E.
(865) 215-2148

400 Main St., Suite 475
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville, TN 37901

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The Technical Services Counter, (865) 215-2103, is located in Suite 473 of the City County Building, with hours from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The counter maintains the official ward maps, subdivision plats, and other records to support the Engineering Department. The products for sale are nominally priced to offset production costs. The Geographic Information System (GIS) covers the entire county and is maintained by an independent agency called KGIS, funded jointly by the City of Knoxville, Knox County, and the Knoxville Utilities Board.

(Prices effective 11/07/2020)
GIS Storm Sewer Maps can be obtained from Technical Services
Included Layers: Storm Drainage, Topographics & Planimetrics
18" x 24" & larger prints must be plotted from our GIS Section and may require a waiting period.
11" x 17" & smaller prints can be printed from the Technical Services Counter on the same day.
Storm Sewer Maps *
Sizes: 18” x 24”, 24” x 36” & 30” x 36”
Black & White Prints $ 20.00
Color Prints: $ 20.00
Sizes: Letter, Legal & Tabloid (11" x 17")
Black & White or Color Prints $ 12.00
Other Copies that may be obtained from the Technical Services Counter
Ownership Cards - Tax Maps - Ward Maps
Letter, Legal, or Tabloid (11" x 17") $1.00
Tabloid (11" x 17") $20.00
Prints from Microfilm Records 
(May require a waiting period)
Letter, Legal, or Tabloid (11" x 17") $ 1.00
Large Format Copies
18” x 24” $ 5.00
24" x 36" $ 5.00
36" x 48" $10.00
Mylar Copies
18” x 24” only $ 10.00
Digital and Microfilm/Microfiche Images
(If resulting files are to large to email, the images will be stored on a compact disk (CD))
Emailed Images
Each Image $ 1.00
Images on CD
Each Image $ 1.00
Mailing Charge (if necessary)  $5.00
Other requests may be able to be filled upon request
Contact Technical Services 865-215-2103
* available within Knoxville city limits only - contact KGIS if outside city limits

The current price list is maintained at the Technical Services Counter, along with examples of these products. The counter staff is very helpful in assisting homeowners or developers in choosing the best product for the purpose. Survey control points, formerly published in manual form for use by surveyors, are now available at an interactive website established jointly by KGIS and the Civil Engineering Division.

Maps, aerial photographs, historical records, and other data may also be obtained from KGIS and MPC at a reasonable cost:

  • KGIS is the lead agency for developing and maintaining the GIS database on a continuing basis for the entire county. KGIS can create a wide variety of specialized maps and aerial photographs.

  • KGIS now has an interactive all-purpose mapping website KGIS Maps that displays property ownership, streets, parcels, buildings, creeks, city and county limits, Knox County Property Assessor’s Parcel Identification Maps, parcel ID, recorded deed references, voting precincts, school zones, wards, political representation, etc. 

  • MPC maintains the official zoning maps. In addition, MPC also keeps some historical records and maps. See the MPC website for more information, or visit the 4th floor of the City County Building for the MPC library.

  • Knox County Geographic Information Systems (KGIS) 
    606 Main Street, Suite 150 
    Knoxville TN 37902 

    Knoxville - Knox County Planning
    City County Building, Suite 403
    Knoxville TN 37902
    Telephone (865) 215-2500

    Sources for tax maps, official property deeds, recorded plats and other property information are located on the 2nd floor of the City County Building. The Register of Deeds contains the official property deeds for the entire history of Knox County. Property deeds can be copied for a nominal fee.

    Knox County Property Assessor
    City County Building, Suite 204

    Knox County Register of Deeds
    City County Building, Suite 225