Bicycling & Mountain Biking

Parks and Recreation Director

Sheryl Ely
(865) 215-4311

Lakeshore Park
5930 Lyons View Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Biking in KnoxvilleBetween the Tennessee River, various creeks, and the Great Smoky Mountains, Knoxville is a hub for beautiful views--and bicycling is a great way to take them in.

With over 85 miles of paved greenways and trails there are plenty of accessible routes for bicyclists.


Bikes on KAT buses Knoxville greenways  connect throughout the City. For a free map of the City greenways, please visit call 311 (865-215-4311) to have it mailed to you today.

The Knoxville Regional Bicycle Program offers many free resources for bike commuting and bicycling in general, including a map, commute guide, classes, and advice on the best route to your workplace or school.

Additionally, the Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) buses allow bicycles to ride free. Click here for steps on how to load your bike on a KAT Bus. KAT also offers a KAT to Greenways program. To find out the fares and schedules for the KAT to greenways program, please visit the City greenways web page and click on the desired greenway. The KAT route number will be listed on the page of the selected greenway.


mountain bikingMountain biking is a natural fit for Knoxville's hilly terrain, and riders now have over four more miles of new, wooded trails to enjoy thanks to the Appalachian Mountain Bicycle Association's 2008/09 winter of hard work at the William Hastie Natural Area in South Knoxville. The group logged more than 1,000 labor hours at the 75-acre site, cutting trails that are suitable for hiking, trail running and mountain biking. Working with the Lake Forest Neighborhood Association, Parks and Recreation continues to look at ways to make this public wilderness more friendly.

Sharp's Ridge Park in North Knoxville offers spectacular views of the City as well as mountain biking trails.