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PLANS SUBMISSION STANDARDS - RESIDENTIAL (including 1 & 2 family dwellings)

1.) All drawings must be submitted in Adobe PDF file format. Scanned drawings are acceptable.

2.) Every drawing shall be drawn to scale and at a minimum contain the following:
-  An accurate depiction of the lot
-  Corner elevations and lot dimensions
-  The location and size of the driveway
-  The residence located on the site plan with the setbacks indicated on the plan
-  Finished floor elevation
-  Location of inverted sewer elevation

3.) When submitting for duplex, the construction for the rated fire separation must be clearly shown.

4.) When a drawing file is resubmitted, it must have the exact same name as the original.

5.) If a residential overlay (H1, IH-1, NC-1, TND-1, etc.) is involved; the applicant will have to upload the Certificate of Appropriateness, Evaluations, Site Plan, and any other necessary documents provided by the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) before the plans review process can be started.

6.) If a Use on Review is required (accessory dwelling units in R-1EN, duplexes in R-1, etc.), then the applicant must upload a copy of the documentation provided by the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) prior to approval the plans.