Urban Land Institute (ULI)

Redevelopment Director

Dawn Michelle Foster
(865) 215-2607

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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03/30/15 View the Initial Reponse to the Advisory Services Panel Report [PDF]
03/30/15 Comments Received During and After Mar. 30th Meeting [PDF]
04/01/15 Mayor Rogero to Move Forward on Jackson Ave., Former State Supreme Court Properties
Let us know what you think about ULI's recommendations: Send email to ULI@knoxvilletn.gov.
On Friday, October 10, 2014, an advisory panel from the Urban Land Institute presented findings and recommendations for five sites in and around downtown Knoxville. Mayor Madeline Rogero engaged the services of ULI to provide outside expertise as the City's redevelopment efforts move forward. You can read the ULI presentation at the link below. Please bear in mind that this is an initial report from the panel, and it may include some small factual errors. It will be followed by a final written report within the next several months.
View Final Presentation [PDF]
Over a decade ago the Urban land Institute (ULI) came to Knoxville to make recommendations for the future development of the World's Fair Park, the proposed new Knoxville Convention Center and the revitalization of Downtown Knoxville. Since that time, there has been a full scale resurgence of Downtown Knoxville as a mixed use urban district. Most of the already existing buildings have been redeveloped and discussion is turning to what next steps can continue this progress.

Below is the Urban Land Institute Advisory Service Panel Briefing Book, prepared in advance of a visit by a ULI panel Oct. 5-10, 2014. The panel will be examining five sites in and around Downtown Knoxville and making recommendations for future possible uses. Materials in the briefing book include background information and recent trends for the sites and Downtown Knoxville as a whole.

The book is available in two ways: (1) one large downloadable PDF which is 38MB and (2) a list of smaller PDFs for each section so you can download only the files you want.


ENTIRE BRIEFING BOOK [PDF] - This 38MB PDF contains the entire briefing book and may take several minutes to download.


THE ASSIGNMENT [PDF] - This 9MB PDF includes the following pages and maps
Summary of the Problem/Opportunity
Questions to be addressed by the Panel
Map 1: Neighborhood Context
Map 2: 400-500 West Jackson Ave 2014 Aerial Photo
Map 3: State Supreme Court Site 2014 Aerial Photo
Map 4: World's Fair Park 2014 Aerial Photo
Map 5: Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum 2014 Aerial Photo
Map 6: Henley Street 2014 Aerial Photo

THE STUDY AREA [PDF] - This 23MB PDF includes the following pages and maps
Regional Context
Study Area Overview
Land Use
Natural Features
Public Utilities
Public & Non-profit facilities
Site Specific Information
Map 7: Knox County Regional Context
Map 8: Study Area Basemap
Map 9: Existing Land Use
Map 10: Sector Plan
Map 11: Zoning
Map 12: Traffic
Map 13: Bike and Pedestrian Amenities
Map 14: KAT Fixed Route Bus Service
Map 15: Trolley Service
Map 16: Land Cover
Map 17: Environmental Constraints
Map 18: Century II Utilities
Map 19: Public Facilities
Map 20: Parks and Greenways
Map 21: Jackson Avenue Site Plan
Map 22: State Supreme Court Site Plan
Map 23: World's Fair Park Site Plan
Map 24: Civic Auditorium and Coliseum Site Plan
Map 25: Henley Street Corridor Plan
Map 26: Centers and Corridors Preferred Growth Concept

POLICY GUIDANCE [PDF] - This 2MB PDF includes the following pages
Regional Planning: PlanET
City and County Plans
Design Guidelines
Corridor Studies
Downtown Plans

PUBLIC INVESTMENT [PDF] - This 1MB PDF includes the following pages and maps
Jackson Avenue Ramps
East Jackson Avenue Streetscape
West Jackson Avenue Streetscape
500 Block of West Jackson Avenue
700 Block of South Gay Street
State Street Streetscape
100 Block of South Gay Street
Downtown Wayfinding
Magnolia Avenue Streetscape
Cumberland Avenue Streetscape
South Waterfront Redevelopment
Downtown North Redevelopment
Map 27: Capital Improvements in Downtown

PRIVATE SECTOR/PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT [PDF] - This 2MB PDF includes the following pages and maps
TIF and PILOT Summary
Non-residential Permits (2008-2014)
Residential Building (2008-2014)
Map 28: TIF and PILOT Redevelopment Projects
Map 29: Non-residential Building Permits (2008-present)
Map 30: Residential Building Permits (2008-present)

DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL [PDF] - This 3MB PDF includes the following pages and maps
Large Property Owners (public)
Large Property Owners (private)
Floor to Area Ratio
Tax Revenue per Acre
Map 31: Public Property Owners 5 Acre+
Map 32: Private Property Owners 5 Acre+
Map 33: Floor Area Ratio
Map 34: Tax Revenue per Acre

MARKET STUDIES [PDF] - This 1MB PDF includes the following pages and maps
Downtown Knoxville's Residents & Workers
Industrial Space Inventory
Office Market Analysis
Multi-dwelling Housing Trends
Appraised Land Value
Map 35: Appraised Land Value per Acre

INTERVIEWEE INFORMATION [PDF] - This 1MB PDF includes the following pages
Administrative Track
Development Track
Design Track
Civic Track


City of Knoxville Mayor:
Madeline Rogero

City Council:
Nick Pavlis, Vice Mayor
Daniel T. Brown
Mark Campen
Nick Della Volpe
Duane Grieve
Brenda Palmer
Finbarr Saunders
Marshall Stair
George C. Wallace


City Staff:
Project Leader - Anne Wallace, Project Manager
Bob Whetsel, Director of Redevelopment
Dawn Michelle Foster, Deputy Director of Redevelopment
Rick Emmett, Downtown Coordinator
William Lyons, Deputy to the Mayor, Chief Policy Officer

Knoxville Knox County, Metropolitan Planning Commission Staff:
Terry Gilhula, Information and Research Manager
Bryan Berry, Research Associate
Sarah Powell, Webmaster/Senior Graphic Designer
Jo Ella Washburn, Graphic Designer
Tim Kuhn, Geographic Information Systems Manager
Nick Schoenborn, GIS Analyst
Alex Zendel, GIS Analyst