Former State Supreme Court Site

Redevelopment Director

Dawn Michelle Foster
(865) 215-2607

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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In 2005, the State of Tennessee granted the City of Knoxville's Industrial Development Board (IDB) an option to purchase the former State Supreme Court Site on Henley Street. The IDB issued a request for proposals for the two-acre acre property in 2007 and 2013, but neither designated developer was able to advance the project. The site currently functions as a surface parking lot, with a vacant art deco courthouse dating back to the 1950's.


In October 2016, the City of Knoxville received proposals on redevelopment of the former State Supreme Court Site located downtown.

Information on the request for proposals: 
Purchase, Design, and Development of the Former State Supreme Court Site [PDF]
Addendum 1 [PDF]
Addendum 2 [PDF]
Addendum 3 [PDF]

The City received four proposals for the site and has agreed on a purchase and sale agreement with Dover Development for redevelopment of the property.

Information on the four proposals that were submitted:
BNA Associates [PDF] (5 MB)
Commercial & Investment Properties [PDF] (29 MB)
Dover Development [PDF] (38 MB)
Marble Alley Development [PDF] (12 MB)
Evaluation Sheet of Four Proposals [PDF]
Purchase Agreement with Dover Development [PDF]


The following are links to information about the property:
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report [PDF] (30 MB)
Limited Subsurface Investigation Report [PDF]
Hazardous Materials Screening Report [PDF]


View the development team’s conceptual designs for a mixed-use project at the former State Supreme Court site, a downtown block bounded by Locust Street, Cumberland Avenue, Henley Street and Church Avenue. The designs were discussed at a City Council public workshop on Thursday, April 19, 2018.
04/19/18 Presentation [PDF] (24 MB)