I-275 Business Park Access Improvements Project

Redevelopment Director

Dawn Michelle Foster
(865) 215-2607

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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The City of Knoxville proposes to make several improvements in the I-275 Business Park Access Improvements Project. These improvements are in the vicinity of I-275, just north of I-40. The purpose of the proposed improvements for the I-275 Business Corridor Project is to provide a transportation facility that enhances mobility within Knoxville's downtown area, supports economic development, improves safety, provides alternate modes of travel, and relives potential traffic congestion.

The improvements will extend Blackstock Avenue approximately 1,100 feet from Fifth Avenue to Bernard Avenue. Additionally, the project will extend approximately 1,600 feet north along Marion Street to Baxter Avenue and approximately 325 feet east and 325 feet west along Baxter Avenue.  The proposed improvements will include a new two-lane road consisting of 11-foot travel lanes, curb and gutter, a 5-foot sidewalk and a ten-foot multipurpose trail from Fifth Avenue to Bernard Avenue.  Improvements will also be made to Marion Street from Bernard Avenue to Baxter Avenue, including the addition of curb and gutter, sidewalk and greenway and the realignment of Marion Street from Dameron Avenue to Baxter Avenue.  Minor intersection improvements are proposed for Fifth Avenue and Blackstock Avenue, Blackstock Avenue at Bernard Avenue and Marion Street and Marion Street at Baxter Avenue.


The project is scheduled for bid date in March 2017.

A Phase I Preliminary Assessment Study of the proposed I-275 Business Park Access Improvement Project was conducted in September 2016 to determine the potential for contamination of properties and business operations located within and adjacent to the project area.

Access Improvements Design and Layout [PDF]

Blackstock Extension and Marion Street Typical Sections [PDF]

I-275 Business Park Access Improvements Project - Presentation 07-16-2014 [PDF]

NEPA Document - 10-15-2013 [PDF]