Mayor's Climate Council

Sustainability Director

Brian Blackmon
(865) 215-4430

400 Main St., Room 598
Knoxville, TN 37902

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March 9, 2021:
The City of Knoxville invites all members of our community to fill out a survey to plan how we reduce our collective climate footprint.

The Mayor’s Climate Council and its Working Groups evaluated dozens of strategies for their impact to our climate and community, and suggested possible actions to help fulfill those strategies.

Now, to make sure that we're working towards climate strategies that make sense for our community, we want to hear your priorities and ideas. Using the questionnaire link below, please share how you think we could best reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Public Survey on Community Climate Strategies

Climate Change is real.

In September 2019, Knoxville City Council unanimously adopted two goals to combat climate change in Knoxville:
  1. A 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030 for municipal operations; and,
  2. An 80% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050 for the entire community.
Reducing Knoxville’s carbon footprint is crucial to combating climate change, improving our ability to bounce back from disaster, protecting our health, and being smart with taxpayers dollars. 

Making Knoxville a leader in fighting climate change requires collaboration. To identify and evaluate strategies to achieve the 80% by 2050 community goal, Mayor Kincannon has invited cross-sector leadership to take part in the Mayor’s Climate Council. This group will include conservation advocates, clean energy experts, advocates for equity, neighborhood representatives, developers and business leaders, and representatives from KUB and TVA. Collectively, we can find smart solutions to promote sustainable redevelopment of our city while protecting green spaces and reducing our carbon emissions.

Whether you swim at Meads Quarry, hike Sharps Ridge, jog Third Creek Greenway or stroll the paved paths at Holston River Park, making Knoxville cleaner and greener makes us healthier, and catalyzes private investment, with corresponding growth in business and jobs.