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Rhea Carmon shares new poetry every Sunday. This poem was shared on October 18, 2020.


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Clothe Yourself with a Vote is an expression for the city to get out and vote. Poem shared on October 14, 2020. 

Clothe Yourself With A Vote 

Clothe yourself in your rights
Express the identity fought for by ancestors
To create a place where you could
Choose to speak
Choose to write
Show who you are
By making the decision to vote
Cast your opinion into the ocean of America
Let the independence of the moment
Create pride in yourself
And pride in your choice
No matter what it is
It's yours, its your voice 
Your right to express yourself
Color this world the way you see fit
Create art in your moment
Be the change you want to see in the world
You can be a catalyst 
To spark the reaction necessary 
To ignite the future
Break down barriers
Speak out against the issues
Make a world for the next generation to take
It’s not enough to make a meme
Share a post
Or Create a quote
You have the opportunity to post 
On a nationwide level 
Where are we headed
On this ship called My Country Tis of Thee?
We must fight for the liberty
Before we sink
Now is the time to speak clearly silently
No marching or signs
No rioting
Just flooding the polls with votes
Walk it in, mail it in
Do it early or on November 3 
Make it happen in 2020
Present or absentee
Take control of our future
Express the identity fought for by our ancestors
To create a place where you must
Choose to speak
Choose to write
Choose to vote

In "Home is Knoxville," RheaSunshine exalts the beauty found in our city and reminds us to experience nature as a balm during complicated times. Poem shared on October 5, 2020.

Home is Knoxville

By Rhea Carmon

Waking up to hard times on the horizon
Looking for glory in the skies of home
There is no doubt that life is different
We once found peace in connection but now where do we look
When smiles are covered and only our eyes can tell our stories
We must take it one step at a time
Little by little
Finding solace in the pathways through the dogwoods
Don’t think about what will come next
Just put one foot in front of the other to find beauty at every fork in the river
Look to the trees for understanding
Take a walk and stretch your mind
Visit the nature center and let it speak to you of timeless change
Find a creek and sit to write a letter to home
The place we all protect by finding love for her high grounds
Acceptance that although she is changing
We will promise to always see her best parts
Cherish our moments in her heart
Home is more than a place to settle
It is a feeling
A taste
A smell
Warmth that cannot be explained
Home is in the reflection off of the sunsphere
Walking hand in hand at Volunteer landing
It is seeing the smile in somebody’s eyes
And knowing that you are not alone
Home is Knoxville
And we will always find her
In the sound of the cicadas in the trees
World’s Fair Park and trips to the quarry
There is perfection in her ability to always hold us close
So we celebrate home and cherish every amenity
Walking safely together and finding new reasons to love

Home is calling