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Zoning code adopted by City Council
Applicants looking to develop in the City of Knoxville starting January 1, 2020 will need to design site plans according to the new zoning ordinance found here. The zoning map identifying properties addressed in the City with corresponding new zoning districts is also available on the above link.

Building codes adopted by City of Knoxville Inspections Bureau
• 2018 Int'l. Plumbing Code, 2018 Int'l. Fuel Gas Code & 2018 Int'l. Mechanical Code  - Code Changes/Presentation/Notes [PDF] 
• 2017 National Electric Code - Code Changes/Presentation/Notes [PDF] 
• 2018 COK Building Code Changes - Code Changes/Presentation [PDF]
• 2018 COK Residential Code Changes - new file coming soon.

Plans Review has moved to the 4th floor in Suite 475. 
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Please send email to bldginspections@knoxvilletn.gov
or call 865-215-2999.
To pay by credit card, please call 865-215-2999.
What is this meeting for?
Our staff will provide a preliminary plans review (at no cost to you) to help ensure a successful building project. Many potential problems can be avoided if they're addressed early in the process. If you have a complex construction or renovation project, our staff can answer specific questions and offer possible solutions to difficult design challenges.
How do I sign up?
Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Monday each month. Please click here for application instructions.
What is this meeting for?
Less complicated projects, like interior finishes, that meet specific criteria, can be reviewed and approved for a permit on the spot (at no additional cost).
Our Staff will meet with your licensed design professional, and if the plans are approved, then permits can be issued the same day.
How do I sign up?
Meetings are scheduled on Thursdays. Please click here for application instructions and project criteria.
DeAnn Bogus
Deputy Director of Building Inspections


The Plans Review & Inspections Division promotes quality development and preserves neighborhood integrity and safety through plans review, permits, building inspections, and other regulatory activities.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Fast Fact Sheets and Frequently Asked Questions.


Plans Review & Inspections
City of Knoxville
400 Main St., Suite 475
Knoxville, TN 37902

Commercial plans are reviewed within 10-14 working days of their receipt in the Building Inspections Office.

To check on the status of your plans review application, call 865-215-4830 or go to Plans Review & Permit Inquiry and then enter your plans review number.


Form District Projects
DeAnn Bogus, Deputy Director of Building Inspections, 865-215-4282

Building Regulations, Alternative Building Code, NC-1, H-1, CBID & Arborist Requirements
James Tente, Chief of Building Inspections & Plans Review, 865-215-3096

Zoning Regulations
Scott Elder, Chief of Zoning & Sign Regulation, 865-215-4473

Parking Spaces & Landscape
Scott Elder, Chief of Zoning & Sign Regulation, 865-215-4473

Sign Regulations
Rebecca Johnson, Zoning & Sign Inspector, 865-215-2992

Electrical and Solar Regulations
Greg Taylor, Chief of Electrical, 865-215-3285

Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing Regulations
Charlie Johnson, Chief of Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing, 865-215-3109

Fire Regulations
Sonny Partin, Fire Inspections, 865-215-2843
Carla Jones, Fire Inspections, 865-215-2845
Kevin Bost, Fire Inspections, 865-215-2846

Site, Drainage, and Parking Access / Layout
Joshua Frerichs, Engineering, 865-215-2798
Adam Kohntopp, Engineering, 865-215-3145
Josh Jenkins, Engineering, 865-215-2608

Waste Water
Travis Franklin, Knoxville Utilities Board, 865-558-2260
Christian Wiberley, Knoxville Utilities Board, 865-558-2483

KnoxPlans / Electronic Review
DeAnn Bogus, Deputy Director of Building Inspections, 865-215-4282