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Cumberland Ave Corridor Project

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Traffic Analysis Results and Impacts [PDF]
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What is the Cumberland Ave. Corridor Project? [PDF]
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Parking Study [PDF]
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Anne Wallace
Deputy Director of Redevelopment
Room 655, City County Building
Fax: 865-215-3035

For updated information about the Cumberland Avenue Corridor Project or to share your concerns please visit CumberlandConnect.com or CumberlandConnections.Blogspot.com.

The Cumberland Avenue Project division guides the City in the creation of a more inviting, vibrant and safe Cumberland Avenue that enhances the connections to the University of Tennessee and area employers and improves the residential and retail character of the district while providing for all modes of transportation. 

The Cumberland Avenue Corridor Plan, adopted by MPC on April 12, 2007 and by City Council on May 8, 2007, provides groundwork for the project. 

There are two components to the Project as outlined in the Corridor Study, 1) an Urban Design Plan , and 2) a Streetscape Plan.


The Cumberland Avenue Corridor Plan, adopted in 2007, calls for a Form Based Code (FBC) to implement the recommendations of the Urban Design Plan. The document has been recommended by MPC and approved by City Council on October 29, 2013.

Click here to view the Adopted Form Based Code for Cumberland Ave. Corridor [PDF]

Click here to view Administration Section for Form Districts and General Provisions [PDF]


The Streetscape Plan recommended a "road diet" for Cumberland reducing the street from four lanes to three lanes with a median to direct left turn movements. In the spring of 2013, the City working with stakeholders and with Council approval, split the project into two phases. 

Phase I includes improvements to Cumberland Avenue from Alcoa Highway to 22nd Street. The primary objective of Phase I is to address the utilities, roadway capacity, turn lanes, signals, and sidewalks in preparation of Phase II. Phase I was completed on time and within budget in December 2015.

Timeline: Started Construction in June 2015, completed in December 2015 (approximately 8 months).

Phase II includes improvements to Cumberland Avenue from 22nd Street to west of 16th Street. This phase will include underground utilities (tie to Phase I work) in partnership with KUB, narrowing of Cumberland Avenue from four lanes to three lanes, one of which will be a dedicated median/turn lane, widening sidewalks, adding street trees, plantings and street furniture, accommodations for transit and transit users, and new cross walks.

Timeline: Construction started in December 2015, estimated completion in August 2017 (approximately 21 months).

Click here to view the Cumberland Avenue Streetscapes Construction Plans [PDF]