Rainfall Data

Engineering Director

James R. Hagerman, P.E.
(865) 215-2027

400 Main St., Suite 480
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville, TN 37901

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Note 1: Rainfall data is collected and maintained by the Stormwater Engineering Division, Suite 480 City County Building (215-2148), as part of the NPDES monitoring program; see the NPDES web page for additional information. The current monitoring station locations are shown in the Year 5 NPDES Annual Report (Appendix E) submitted to TDEC. See Notes 4 and 5 for new locations of two monitoring stations.

Note 2: Monthly rainfall data files contain the daily rainfall amounts at the five City monitoring stations and at the official NOAA station at McGhee-Tyson Airport.

Note 3: Temperature and precipitation records for the official NOAA station at McGhee-Tyson Airport can be viewed at the National Weather Service web page. The city monitoring stations show that there can be a large spatial variation for a particular rainfall event. Rainfall can occur in some parts of the city and not others due to prevailing winds, localized thunderstorms, alignment of ridges and valleys, etc.

Note 4: The monitoring station for First Creek has been relocated in April 2005. It is now located at the KAT station (maintenance yard) on Jessamine Street near Fifth Avenue.

Note 5: The monitoring station for Second Creek has been relocated in October 2005, and is now located on Williams Creek in east Knoxville near Dandridge Avenue.

Note 6: Here are the top ten wettest years for the City of Knoxville. The years 2002 and 2003 have been very wet but do not qualify for the list. Keep in mind that rainfall-measuring techniques have changed over the years.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1875 1882 1994 2013 1884 1957 1886 1917 1873 1974
73.87" 66.36" 63.27" 62.66" 62.53" 61.49" 61.45" 59.72" 59.37" 59.33"
Source for rainfall data: National Weather Service, Morristown TN


2000 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2001 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2002 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
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2006 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2007 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2008 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2009 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2010 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2011 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2012 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2013 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
2014 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]


2000-2004 Monthly Rainfall Summary [PDF]
2001-2010 Monthly Rainfall Summary [PDF]
2002-2011 Monthly Rainfall Summary [PDF]
2003-2012 Monthly Rainfall Summary [PDF]
2004-2013 Monthly Rainfall Summary [PDF]
2005-2014 Monthly Rainfall Summary [PDF]


January 2015 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
February 2015 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
March 2015 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
April 2015 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
May 2015 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
June 2015 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]
July 2015 Daily Rainfall Totals [PDF]