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This page contains a list of current projects involving the City of Knoxville. Construction & design projects by the City's Engineering Department are listed below as well as development projects involving the Community Development Department, Policy & Redevelopment Department, Knoxville Chamber, Central Business Improvement District, Knoxville Knox-County Metropolitan Planning Commission, and the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization.

Cross Park Drive Drainage Project [PDF]

Cumberland Avenue Corridor Project

Curb Cuts Project 2015 [PDF]

Downtown North

Downtown Wayfinding Signage Project

Fort Dickerson Road Realignment Project [PDF]

Fort Sanders Sidewalk Improvements Project [PDF]

700 Block Gay Street Streetscapes Project [PDF]

Holbrook Drive Bridge Replacement Project [PDF]

I-275 Business Park Access Improvements Project [PDF]

Jackson Avenue Ramps

Jackson Avenue Streetscape Project

Knox Blount Greenway Project [PDF]

Knoxville Municipal Golf Cart Path Paving Project [PDF]

Lakeshore Park Large Buildings Abatement and Demolition Project [PDF]

Lakeshore Park Small Buildings Abatement and Demolition Project [PDF]

Lakeshore Park Site Demolition Project [PDF]

Lonsdale Neighbhorhood [PDF]

Magnolia Avenue Streetscape Plan

Marble Alley Streetscapes Project [PDF]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. Corridor [PDF]

Merchant Drive at Clinton Hwy. Intersection Improvements Project [PDF]

Resurfacing Project - 2015 [PDF]

Sidewalk Replacement Project - 2015 [PDF]

South Waterfront Project

State Street Garage Expansion

Suttree Landing Park Improvements [PDF]

Suttree Landing Park Roadway Improvements [PDF]

Vestal Neighborhood [PDF]

Washington Pike from I-640 to Murphy Road Project [PDF]

Westland Drive Drainage and Bridge Improvements Project [PDF]