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Greenway Corridor Feasibility & Assessment Study

On Aug. 11, 2016, Ross/Fowler landscape architects presented its Greenway Corridor Feasibility and Assessment findings and City officials discussed the immediate opportunities in moving ahead with the most comprehensive greenways build-out plan in the City's history. 

  Click here to learn more about the Greenway Corridor Feasibility & Assessment Study

Greenways often follow natural land or water features, and link nature preserves, parks' cultural features and historic sites with each other and with populated areas. Greenways link neighborhoods to these facilities and to other neighborhoods.  

There are currently 86 miles of paved greenway and natural trails for the citizens of Knoxville.

Biking on GreenwaysJogging on GreenwaysWalking on Greenways

Click on the name below for more info about the greenway.

City Greenway or Unpaved Trail Knox Location Total Miles Main Loop
Adair/Sue Clancy Greenway North 1.1 0.8
Bearden Village Greenway West 2.1  
Botanical Gardens Greenway East 0.9 0.9
Cavet Station Greenway West 1.0  
Charter Doyle Greenway South 0.5 0.4
Community Unity Greenway South 0.6 0.6
First Creek Greenway (Upper) North 0.9 0.23
First Creek Greenway (Lower) North 0.5 0.3
Fort Dickerson Greenway and Trails South 1.9 0.3
Fountain City Greenway North 0.3 0.3
Gary Underwood Greenway South 0.45 0.45
Holston-Chilhowee Greenway East 1.0  
Holston River Greenway East 2.0 0.6
Ijams Nature Center Trails South 10.0  
Inskip Greenway and Trails North 0.4 0.2
James White Greenway Downtown 1.0  
Jean Teague Greenway West 2.3 0.8
Knox/Blount Greenway South 2.2
Lakeshore Greenway West 2.25 2.25
Liberty Street Greenway West 0.4  
Lonsdale Greenway Northwest 0.3 0.2
Loves Creek Greenway North 0.25 0.25
Malcolm-Martin Greenway West 0.3 0.3
Maple Drive Greenway North 0.3 0.3
Mary Vestal Greenway South 0.4  
Middlebrook Greenway West 0.8  
Morningside Greenway East 1.6  
Neyland Greenway Downtown 3.0  
North Hills Greenway North 0.4 0.4
Northwest Greenway North 1.9 1.0
Papermill Bluff Greenway West 0.9 0.9
Pleasant Ridge Greenway North 1.7  
Sam Duff Greenway South 0.25 0.25
Second Creek Greenway Downtown 1.2 0.2
Sequoyah Greenway West 2.6  
Sharp's Ridge Trails North 1.3  
Ten Mile Creek Greenway West 0.6  
Third Creek Greenway West 4.5  
Turkey Creek Greenway West 2.0  
Urban Wilderness South Loop Trail System South   15
Victor Ashe Greenway North 2.3 0.67 paved
1.5 unpaved
Weisgarber Greenway West 1.0  
West View Greenway West 0.26 0.26
Will Skelton Greenway South 3.62  
William Hastie Trails South 3.5  
 TOTAL 46 greenways   miles

Get out and enjoy the beautiful greenways and trails in Knoxville!