Reserve Sergeant Honored

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Reserve Sergeant Honored

Posted: 04/30/2009
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Police Chief Sterling Owen named Reserve Sgt. Lynn Thompson the 2008 Reserve Officer of the Year for the Knoxville Police Department.
The reserve program is designed for individuals who have established foundational careers outside of the police department, but who have a strong desire to give back to their community by taking an active role in providing a law enforcement service.

Chief Owen said, "Reserve Sgt. Thompson stands out among the unit in providing many years of service not only to the police department, but to those in the community as well. His volunteer services to the reserve program started 38 years ago and he still remains an active leader of the group."
In 2008, Reserve Sgt. Thompson volunteered over 340 hours to the program, which consisted of assisting multiple departments within the Knoxville Police Department.

Chief Owen said, "Sgt. Thompson is always willing to volunteer his time and service in supporting special events sponsored by the city and community programs. Through his years of service he has volunteered thousands of hours of his own time to help provide for a safer community."

Mayor Haslam said, "The reserve program continually strives to improve the safety of the community through the direction of the Knoxville Police Department. Reserve Sgt. Thompson has played a major role in this goal. The example he sets goes far beyond what many could ever strive to complete."