Six Groups Receive $19,500 in Neighborhood Small Grants

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Six Groups Receive $19,500 in Neighborhood Small Grants

Posted: 01/15/2021
Six neighborhood organizations will receive a total of $19,500 through the City’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program to support their community-building activities.

The Office of Neighborhood Empowerment manages the program, which is designed to strengthen City neighborhoods by supporting neighborhood-led initiatives through financial and technical assistance.

“Our entire city gets stronger when neighbors work together to solve problems and make their neighborhoods safer, enjoyable and sustainable places,” says Neighborhood Coordinator Debbie Sharp. “This program enables neighborhoods to identify their priorities and work toward fulfilling them. The Office of Neighborhood Empowerment is happy to support their projects.”

Additional program goals include: encouraging neighborhood organizations and residents to connect with each other and engage their collective skills and knowledge to respond constructively to neighborhood issues, problems and opportunities; building capacity to plan and implement neighborhood-improvement strategies; and supporting efforts to form neighborhood groups in unorganized areas. 

These groups completed the application and approval process during 2020, and City Council approved the program funding on Tuesday, Jan. 11: 

Fairmont Emoriland Neighborhood Association
$3,000 support to add benches, tables and paths to their Pollinator Garden. 
Fiscal sponsor: East Tennessee Community Design Center

Roseberry City Connection Community Organization
$3,000 support to install a sign and rose bushes to help identify this historic area.
Fiscal sponsor: East Tennessee Community Design Center                                               
Town Hall East
$2,500 support to organize an event that brings multiple East Knoxville neighborhoods together for the opportunity to get to know one another and collaborate.
Fiscal sponsor: East Tennessee Community Design Center

Westwood Homeowners Association
$2,500 support to enhance their Park Bench Restoration project.
Fiscal sponsor: East Tennessee Community Design Center

South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
$4,000 to support the installation of neighborhood identity signage.
Fiscal sponsor: Legacy Parks

Vestal Community Organization
$4,500 to support a bus shelter located on privately owned property to be utilized by the community.
Fiscal sponsor: Sustainable Future Center

The 2022 Neighborhood Small Grant Program application form is available at Applicants are required to attend one of the following mandatory meetings in order to qualify to apply: Saturday, April. 24, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.; Tuesday, April 27, 5-7 p.m. or Thursday, May 6, 6-8 p.m. Grant applications will be due in July.

To find out if your neighborhood is organized and registered with the City, visit the Neighborhood Directory.

To register for one of the mandatory meetings or receive the guidelines and application form by mail, contact Eden Slater at 215-3232 or