Lawson McGhee Library will be Closed July 23-25 for HVAC Upgrades

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Lawson McGhee Library will be Closed July 23-25 for HVAC Upgrades

Posted: 07/20/2010
Lawson McGhee Library will be closed to the public for three days from July 23-25 so Trane US Inc. can continue with the upgrade of the heating and cooling system. In order to replace critical pieces of equipment, the electricity must be disconnected for the entire building for an extended period of time. Online services are expected to be available throughout the weekend. All other library facilities will continue on their regular schedule.

This upgrade is part of $16.2 million of improvements that the county launched in collaboration with Trane in August 2009 to address aging infrastructure and high energy and operating costs. The improvements will be completed in January 2011. The county is combining anticipated energy and operational savings with $2.1 million in U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funds to pay for the improvements.

When completed, the improvements will reduce the county's energy costs an estimated 36 percent by upgrading and enhancing infrastructure in 40 facilities, 24 parks and 37 traffic intersections. The improvements are also expected to add county jobs and significantly reduce the county's environmental impact while providing a more productive and comfortable environment for county employees and residents who use county services.

Over the 15-year life of the program as it was approved by the Knox County commission, the county will save an estimated $29 million, more than covering the program's $27 million cost. This total cost includes $16.2 million in infrastructure upgrades, $7.5 million in maintenance and repair services, and allotments for debt service and measurement and verification services. The resulting project requires no new tax dollars.

These upgrades will improve the library's service and working environment for citizens and employees by replacing an aging system with a more cost-effective and efficient HVAC system, said Owen Nevader, Solutions Leader for Trane. "We will continue to focus on completing the project in a timely manner so that the Library focus on its most important job: serving citizens."