Neighborhood Safety

Police Chief

Eve M. Thomas
(865) 215-7000

800 Howard Baker Jr. Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37915

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Safety Tips

In the event of an emergency some of your best help and support may be from your neighbors.

• Meet with your neighbors at least once a year. Get to know them. 
• Create a personal support network. Identify a neighbor. Agree to watch each other's home when you are away. Check on each other after a disaster. Swap keys and lists of whom to notify in an emergency. 
• Start a Neighborhood Watch program and meet periodically. 
• Attend talks on neighborhood crime watch and emergency response. 
• Encourage your block to prepare a neighborhood preparedness plan. 
• Report unusual or suspicious behavior to the local law enforcement. 

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is volunteer citizens coming together in a neighborhood, communicating with each other and the police to reduce crime in the area they live. 

A police officer patrolling your neighborhood may not recognize strangers around your house or activity in your neighborhood which could be considered suspicious, but your neighbors know who you are, what type of vehicle you drive, who belongs in your neighborhood and who does not. When suspicious activity or a crime is observed, the Neighborhood Watch member calls the police, then alerts the neighbors. The key to Neighborhood Watches success is communication between citizens and the police. 

Click here for more information about the Neighborhood Watch program