Reservations for Market Sq. Parking Garage

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Reservations for Market Sq. Parking Garage

Posted: 09/01/2005
Reservations for monthly parking passes for the Market Square Parking Garage in downtown Knoxville will be accepted beginning Wednesday, Sept. 7.

 Leases for monthly parking at the Market Square garage will begin Nov. 1. The garage is expected to be available for short-term parking in mid-October. The corporate rate is $80 per month, and residential rate is $40 per month.

Short-term parking will be offered on the first two levels for $1 for first two hours and $1 for each additional hour up to $7 per day. In addition, reservations for the Jackson Avenue surface lot are also being accepted, with those spaces available September 1. That lot is expected to serve businesses and residents located in the north end of Gay Street and others who park on the Gay Street viaduct, which is scheduled for demolition Nov. 1. Rates for the Jackson Avenue lot are $60, corporate and $40, residential.

The City is also adopting a new rate structure for the Locust Street and State Street Parking Garages effective Oct. 1. The corporate rate will become $70 per month, and the residential rate $35 per month at the Locust Street Garage; and at the State Street Garage the corporate rate will be $60 per month and the residential rate will be $30 per month. Hourly rates at the garages will also be $1 for first two hours, and $1 for each additional hour up to $7 per day.Parking is free at all three City-owned garages after 6 p.m. weekdays and throughout the weekends, with the exception of certain special events, such as University of Tennessee football games.Reservations or inquiries about any City-owned parking should be made to Steve Cheatham, at the Public Building Authority by fax, 865-215-2698 or email,