Beer Permit for Restaurant Temporarily Suspended

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Beer Permit for Restaurant Temporarily Suspended

Posted: 12/29/2006
Steve Hall, chairman of the City of Knoxville Beer Board, ordered an immediate temporary suspension Friday of the beer permit held by Michael's Restaurant & Bar at 7049 Kingston Pike.

The order will be served Friday afternoon, Dec. 29, and the suspension will be in place until the next city Beer Board meeting on Jan. 16.

Hall's order came after a Michael's employee served alcohol to an 
18-year-old Knoxville Police Explorer at the restaurant a little before 6:30 p.m. on Thursday Dec. 28.

The explorer displayed her driver's license - which clearly indicated she was underage - to the server before the violation occurred.

Hall made his decision based upon credible evidence that a violation of both the city code and state law had occurred and with the approval of the city's beer inspector, KPD Officer Jason Booker, and the approval of Law Director Morris Kizer.

Thursday's citation is the latest in a series of citations against Michael's for violating either city codes or state law relating to the serving of alcohol.

The business currently faces a revocation hearing in April on the earlier allegations and the current citation will be added to those.

According to the citation and KPD officers the explorer, who recently turned 18, and KPD Officer Jennifer Mathiak, entered Michael's a little before 6:30 p.m. and sat at a table.

Michaela A. Hugoboom, a Michael's server, approached them. When the explorer and Mathiak ordered alcoholic beverages Hugoboom asked to see some identification.

The explorer's license stated her date of birth and stated she was under 21 until November of 2009.

After examining the licenses Hugoboom left and returned moments later with the drinks, according to the citation issued by KPD Officer Donny Huskey.

At that time Mathiak contacted Huskey, KPD Officer Roger McNutt and Special Agent Jason Poore, with the state's Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and they entered the restaurant.

In addition to the city beer board action Poore will also be submitting an administrative report concerning the citation to the director of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission.