December Officer of the Month

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December Officer of the Month

Posted: 03/22/2006
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Police Chief Sterling Owen today named Officer Steve Kaufman the Officer of the Month for December 2005. Officer Kaufman has been with the Knoxville Police Department since May 2002.

Chief Owen said that on October 21, 2005, Officer Kaufman was conducting routine patrols on his beat when he encountered a vehicle parked behind a business on Pratt Street near 6th Avenue. As Officer Kaufman approached the vehicle he used his vehicle lights to illuminate the parked vehicle. It was at that time that Officer Kaufman saw the driver throw an object out of the vehicle. The passenger door opened and a woman who was bleeding from a deep cut on her forehead yelled, "This man just raped and beat me."

The driver, who was identified as Gregory Linginfelter, was attempting to put on his pants as Officer Kaufman approached the suspect. Linginfelter was immediately placed into custody without incident.
Officer Kaufman walked around the suspect's vehicle and found a large butcher knife that Linginfelter had thrown from the vehicle when the officer first approached the car. Officer Kaufman called for a Crime Lab Technician and a Violent Crimes Investigator to conduct an in-depth investigation.

Chief Owen said, "Officer Kaufman didn't end his participation into the investigation with the arrest of the suspect. He attended Linginfelter's parole revocation hearing in November and was instrumental in having the suspect's parole revoked."

Linginfelter (DOB 08/08/75), who was on parole for an aggravated burglary, was charged with one count of rape.

Chief Owen said, "Thanks to Officer Kaufman's quick action, a victim was saved from a life threatening situation and a criminal was sent back to prison."

Officer Kaufman will receive a signed certificate from the Mayor and Chief along with a free dinner from Ruby Tuesday Restaurant.