Flood Management Plan Available

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Flood Management Plan Available

Posted: 12/21/2006
The City of Knoxville was required to create a Flood Management Plan due to the number of repetitive Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood insurance claims made within the Knoxville community.

This plan was completed in July 2005. As part of that plan and to maintain flood insurance for the citizens, the City of Knoxville is required to update this plan.A copy of the December 2006, update to the Flood Management Plan is available upon request.The changes made to the plan were recommendations made by the Flood Management Planning Committee in a committee meeting on Sept. 8, 2006. Since the plan is just over a year old, few changes were made. The following is a list of the general changes that were made to the plan: Updated the status or description of current or completed projects.

Updated to the members of the Flood Management Committee where
members have had a change in employment and are no longer available.

Included the status of the City of Knoxville as a StormReady Community
earned through the National Weather Service.

Updated committee goals including making the first goal the installation of
proposed FEMA mapping information in the KGIS system, which we
accomplished earlier this year.

General Housekeeping - updated spelling, grammar and clarifications where