Sudoku Craze Hits the Library

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Sudoku Craze Hits the Library

Posted: 10/25/2006
The Sudoku craze that is sweeping the nation is sweeping right into Lawson McGhee Library. On Thursday, November 2, the Library is hosting a TEEN SUDOKU NIGHT.

All area teens are invited to join us for this puzzling adventure. Pencils should be sharpened and ready for action by 6:30 p.m. in the Arts @ the Library room. The event is free and parking is available in the Locust Street Parking Garage after 6:00 p.m.

Literally translated, Sudoku means "numerals limited to a single person." Sudoku is a game of logic, based on a grid of 9 columns and 9 rows. This is sub-divided into nine 3 x 3 squares. A completed Sudoku puzzle comprises this grid completely filled with the numbers 1 - 9 appearing exactly once in each row, column and square.

According to the Sudoku website, the history of the game is hard to pinpoint. Some accounts have traced its origins to "Magic Square," which has been around for centuries. The current version of Sudoku, however, is a very recent phenomenon which first appeared in a Japanese magazine entitled Nikoli. Regardless of its history, Sudoku is enjoying great popularity among people of all ages.

For more information on Teen Sudoku Night or any other teen programs, please contact Bess Connally at 215-8723.