Site Recommended for Transit Center

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Site Recommended for Transit Center

Posted: 01/05/2007
Mayor Bill Haslam announced today that the city will make a recommendation to the Federal Transit Administration that the new Knoxville Station Transit Center be located at a site on the east end of the Church Avenue Viaduct.

The step is the latest one required in the site selection process for the new $27 million transit station.If the FTA approves the recommendation - which will be formally conveyed to it by the Public Building Authority - the city would move forward with construction of the new station beginning early next year."This location is close to downtown and was by far the best choice among the three finalists that had emerged from the selection process," Haslam said. "It has numerous advantages, both in location and costs, over the other potential locations and we're looking forward to building a transit station there that will serve our citizens for many years."Transit consultants and a design committee had looked at more than 30 potential downtown sites for the new station during the past three years before culling the group down to three, the east end of Church Avenue, the Southern Railway Station on Depot Street near Jackson Avenue and a site next to the City County Building on Main Street.But a study of the three finalists indicated that the Church Avenue location, which is to the east of the James White Parkway near the Civic Coliseum's parking garage, had the best mix of location and construction and operating costs. It also met federal criteria for the new station.If approved the new station would be built above a revamped James White Parkway on the Church Avenue Viaduct, which is currently being widened, near where it intersects Hall of Fame Drive.The project is being funded with a mix of federal, state and local money with the city providing about $3.5 million while the FTA will provide $22 million.

Construction costs at the Church Street location are estimated at $23.7 million and annual operating expenses are estimated to be about $654,000.A little more than $3.1 million has already been spent in the planning and selection process.If the site is approved construction could begin in January of 2008 with a completion date of June of 2009.