CAC Local Government Day

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CAC Local Government Day

Posted: 04/01/2008
Local community and neighborhood leaders participating in the 2008 CAC Local Government Day met with Mayor Haslam today.

The group was part of the Community Leadership 2008 program provided by CAC.

Throughout the day, the group listened and learned more about the responsibilities of city and county government, how our government is financed, and how elected officials interact and best receive information from their constituents.

CAC Community Leadership Training
The special day is one of many that CAC provides in their Community Leadership Training program.

Community Leadership is a CAC sponsored leadership program that brings together people from diverse backgrounds that live, work, or volunteer in low to moderate income neighborhoods and who have demonstrated community commitment through service. These classes strengthen leadership at grassroots levels and challenge individuals to get involved in community improvement.

Other training content days include the following:

Media Day
Business Economic Day
Social Issues Day
Education Day
Local Government Day
Neighborhood Issues Day

New class members for the training program are accepted each August but applications are accepted all year. Priority for class selection is given to individuals who have demonstrated community involvement in their own neighborhood or in the community outside of the responsibilities of their paid employment.

For more info, call 865-546-3500 or email