City-County Joint Greenway at Ten Mile Creek Opened

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City-County Joint Greenway at Ten Mile Creek Opened

Posted: 11/11/2008
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and the city's Parks and Recreation Department officially opened the city's portion of the Ten Mile Creek Greenway today. 
"This project is the first greenway to be completed jointly between the City and County," said Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam. "It is our intention to connect many parts of the City greenway system into Knox County's greenway system, so Ten Mile Creek is our first pedestrian portal into the County." 
The Ten Mile Creek Greenway extends 1.2 miles from the Wal-Mart in Walker Springs to the parking lot of the Carmike Wynnsong 16 Theater in Cedar Bluff. The greenway was built alongside the last wetland in the Cedar Bluff area. A notable feature of the City's portion of the greenway is a 130-foot bridge - the longest bridge of its kind in the City's greenway system.

This greenway connects many City and County residential neighborhoods to the Walker Springs and North Peter's Road commercial areas.

"This greenway is a prime example of the many ways that greenways serve citizens," said Joe Walsh, Director of Knoxville Parks and Recreation. "It provides recreating and commuting opportunities, connects communities, and provides a wildlife corridor for animals." 

Walsh also noted that it is the City's plan to connect Ten Mile Creek Greenway with Cavet Station Greenway on Gallaher View Rd. and Jean Teague Greenway in West Hills Park. Eventually, Walsh said, pedestrians will be able to travel from West Hills Elementary School in Bearden to the Carmike Wynnsong theater in Cedar Bluff.

Another unique feature about Ten Mile Creek Greenway is that it is the first greenway in either the City or County to pass under Interstate-40/75 within the federal right-of-way. 
"The Tennessee Department of Transportation and Federal Highways allowed us access under the interstate," explained Haslam. "This was a complicated permitting process, something that had never been done before, and we are grateful to TDOT for being so greenway-friendly." 
The City's portion of Ten Mile Creek Greenway was financed by an enhancement grant and a twenty per cent match by the City.

The Cain family trust previously owned the land that the City's portion of the greenway is built on. It sold the property to the City for a nominal fee.

Knox County opened its portion of the greenway in 2007, which runs from Wal-Mart and Walker Springs Park to the TDOT right-of-way.

The Carmike Wynnsong Theater's staff attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and provided popcorn and beverages as well as 50 free movie tickets to the event's attendees. The theater has offered to provide parking to future greenway patrons.

The City of Knoxville currently has more than 41 miles of greenways. For more information on greenways, please call the City Greenways Coordinator at 865-215-2807.