City to Hold Public Workshop

Communications Director

Kristin Farley
(865) 215-2589

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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City to Hold Public Workshop

Posted: 02/11/2008
The City of Knoxville will hold a public workshop to review and receive comments on potential changes to the SmartFIX40 project along relocated 4th Ave. The meeting will be held at 6 pm on Thursday, February 28 at the SmartFIX40 office located on the corner of Hall of Fame Drive and 6th Ave.

The City has requested that the Tennessee Department of Transportation review the option of removing a large number of parking spaces along this new corridor and use that space to create a 10-foot green median between the curb and the sidewalk.This new plan will leave 4-to-6 parking spaces adjacent to 4th & Gill Park. TDOT has requested that the City hold this public hearing to gain citizen input before making the request for a formal design change.Questions about the meeting or proposed changes should be directed to Bob Whetsel, City of Knoxville Director of Redevelopment at 215-2543 or