Environment-Friendly International Convention Comes to Knoxville

Communications Director

Kristin Farley
(865) 215-2589

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Environment-Friendly International Convention Comes to Knoxville

Posted: 07/09/2008
Officials with the Knoxville Tourism & Sports Corporation (KTSC) announced that EcoQuest (EQ) International has agreed to bring its international convention to the Knoxville Convention Center on August 19-22, 2009.

EQ's mission is to enhance the quality of life indoors and to promote the necessities of life: clean air and clean water. With an average of 3,000 attendees from all over the United States and 19 different countries, the EQ international convention features world-renowned speakers, award-winning training sessions, hands-on experience with new products, a tradeshow and celebrity guests.

"We're proud to be coming home to Tennessee," said Mike Jackson, CEO of Greeneville, Tenn.-based EQ. "We've been across the globe with our events. We've brought our folks across the continental USA, Mexico, Australia, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, but there is just something about Tennessee. We love it here."

"We thought it was time to bring one of our international conventions close to home," said Mike Letts, President of EQ. "The folks in Knoxville have shown us that they have the facilities and the spirit to bring EcoQuest the kind of experience our dealers have come to love - a great facility in a city with a family atmosphere. Knoxville is the kind of place where you can have a lot of fun so it's not just a business trip, but also a vacation."

EQ International is a global leader in the indoor environmental health industry. A home based business company, EQ shares innovative technologies through a group of internationally based home business owners. Many of its ActivePure indoor purification and water purification products have been awarded "Certified Space Technology" status by the NASA-affiliated Space Foundation. EQ's newest product division, EcoTrust Energy, provides products to help homeowners reduce their energy bills while providing cleaner, safer power.