Life Saving Award Presented To Officer

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Life Saving Award Presented To Officer

Posted: 07/01/2008
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Police Chief Sterling Owen awarded the department's Life Saving Award to Investigator Andrew Boatman. Investigator Boatman has been with the Knoxville Police Department since January 2001. 
Chief Owen said that on May 15, 2008, Investigator Boatman was responding to a residence on Dewine to investigate the possible abduction of an elderly female. Once on the scene Investigator Boatman spoke to the complainant who stated that a male had arrived at her residence in a newer model Chevy Malibu with a female in the trunk of the car. The complainant said the male had "gotten involved in a home invasion that had went badly" and that he needed to dump the victim's body. The complainant also indicated that she was briefly allowed to see the female that was in the trunk and it appeared that she was still alive.

Chief Owen said, "After receiving the initial description of the suspect's vehicle, Investigator Boatman realized he had observed a similar vehicle that had been left abandoned in a wooded area on Henson near Midpark Road." 

Investigator Boatman along with Sgt. Gordon Gwathney and Officer Keith Johnson immediately responded to the vehicle. Investigator Boatman quickly gained access to the interior of vehicle which allowed the officers to open the trunk where the 87-year-old victim was located. The victim was in shock; her hands bound, and she was suffering from life-threatening injuries. First aid was immediately provided until medical assistance could arrive.

Chief Owen said, "Investigator Boatman knew the vehicle that had been left abandoned in the woods looked out of place. He had made a mental note to investigate the vehicle at a latter time. Obviously, Investigator Boatman's observation of the vehicle resulted in the quick recovery of the victim." 
Mayor Haslam said, "We commend Investigator Boatman for his observation skills that ultimately prevented the victim's untimely death that evening. Congratulations Investigator Boatman on a job well done."