New Street Circulation for Market Square

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New Street Circulation for Market Square

Posted: 06/02/2008
Pedestrians need to always remember to look both ways before they cross the street - but it's particularly important to remember that rule in downtown Knoxville this week.

Beginning after the morning rush hour on Tuesday, June 3, the new street circulation pattern near Market Square goes into effect.

That means that some downtown streets that have featured one-way traffic for years are now going to be two-way streets. Those changes are being made on sections of Locust and Walnut Streets and Summer Place.

At the same time Market Street will convert from a one-way street carrying traffic south, or away from Market Square, into a one-way northbound street carrying traffic toward the square.

The City of Knoxville posted signs reminding walkers and drivers of the impending changes earlier this spring. 
"We want to remind everyone, both walkers and drivers, that these changes are going to become a reality Tuesday," said Madeleine Weil, the city's deputy director of Policy & Communications. 
"Folks need to remember to be on their toes until they get used to the change and it becomes a habit to look both ways when crossing what has always been a one-way street." 
The goal of the new street circulation plan is to simplify traffic around the Market Square area, making it easier for visitors to find the square and easier for drivers to circulate around it. 
"We think these changes will make things better for people moving around downtown," Weil said. "In particular it will make a big difference for Market Street to be the entry to Market Square instead of carrying people away from it." 
The street flow changes grew out of recommendations in a 2003 downtown redevelopment plan that was modified with input from downtown residents and business owners.