Officer of the Month June 2008

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Officer of the Month June 2008

Posted: 08/04/2008
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Police Chief Sterling Owen today named Officer Dan Paidousis the June Officer of the Month for the Knoxville Police Department.

Officer Paidousis has been with the department since January 1991.

Chief Owen said that on June 12, 2008, officers responded to a residence on Greenfield Lane to investigate a robbery. The victim, Hugh Patterson (DOB 3-5-31), had been robbed by a female that he had invited into his residence. During the robbery the victim and the suspect struggled with each other. The victim was eventually hit and knocked to the ground which resulted in numerous injuries. The suspect then fled the residence with the victim's wallet.

Chief Owen said, "Officer Paidousis received information from investigators on the possible identity of the female suspect. Officer Paidousis located this female and detained her for questioning. After conducting an interview with this subject, it was determined she was not the suspect wanted in this robbery."

A few days later, Officer Paidousis located another female that resembled the suspect that had used the victim's credit card at a department store. During the questioning of this potential suspect, the identity of the robbery suspect was obtained. Officer Paidousis was also able to track down and detain this suspect for questioning. While the investigation was ongoing, the victim died as a result of his injuries. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. The suspect, Patricia McMillan (DOB 6-26-56), was indicted by a Grand Jury earlier this month on a charge of Felony Murder and Especially Aggravated Robbery.

Chief Owen said, "Because of Officer Paidousis' effort in locating the first two potential suspects, Investigator Steve Still was able to use information from the interviews to identify the robbery suspect. Officer Paidousis then located and detained this suspect who was eventually indicted on the murder charge." 

"This great effort by Officer Paidousis was performed while he continued to conduct his normal patrol duties on his beat in addition to his neighborhood liaison officer duties," said Chief Owen.

Mayor Haslam said, "We commend Officer Paidousis for his outstanding efforts to solve this senseless crime."