Public Art Task Force Submits Report

Communications Director

Kristin Farley
(865) 215-2589

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Public Art Task Force Submits Report

Posted: 02/28/2008
The City of Knoxville's Public Art Task Force sent its report to Mayor Bill Haslam today after a series of meetings that began late last year.

The seven-page report - which also has an appendix - contains a series of recommendations including the establishment of a permanent Public Art Committee to deal with questions about the placement of art on public property.

The task force studied the policies of several other cities in putting together its recommendations to the mayor.

The task force grew out of questions the City had received about art in publicly-owned spaces. 

"We didn't have a good process to deal with gifts and placement of art and we were receiving a lot of questions about the issue in recent months," said Bill Lyons, senior director of policy & communications who chaired the task force. 

"We dealt with both short-term and long-term concerns," he added. "The task force felt strongly that the public art committee was necessary to both encourage public art and to address issues that may arise in the future."